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Horse Sponsorship

Our horses are a very valuable part of the HETRA team, but unfortunately they are also one of the most costly parts of our team.

Each therapy horse costs HETRA approximately $300 per month to feed and care for. With close to 20 horses in the HETRA herd that adds up very quickly!

If you are interested in helping HETRA feed and care for our horses we offer different levels of horse sponsorship that are listed on the donation form below. If you would like to sponsor a particular horse feel free to visit “Horses” page and choose a member of our herd that is not currently being sponsored. For an opportunity to meet the horses, we welcome visitors at both facilities, just give us a call and we would be happy to introduce you the most valuable members of the HETRA therapy team!

HETRA is looking for horse sponsors in the following areas:

  • Sponsor a Horse for one week – $75.00
  • Sponsor a horse for one month – $300.00
  • Sponsors a horse for 6 months – $1,800.00
  • Sponsor a horse for 12 months – $3,600.00

If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, you can either print off the sponsorship brochure by clicking the “download form” button below and then mail in your donation.  Or you can sponsor a horse by clicking the “make a donation” button below.

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Make a donation