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Support Beemer!

Beemer is a 19 year old Warmblood gelding owned by Lisa Kozeny.  Beemer’s previous job before coming to HETRA was a lesson horse at Elkhorn Equestrian Center.  Beemer is a wonderful independent riding horse, and all the HETRA students love  him!!

Beemer’s Team: Tom Cramer, Matthew Johnson

**Tom will wear shorts to instruct in if Beemer wins!!!**

Total Raised For Beemer: $690.30

(last updated 4/21/13)

Student Matt is going to make sure Tom teaches in SHORTS!!!

Thank You for Supporting Team Beemer!

Tish & Michael J, Michaela J,  Janine D,  Dennis W,  Elizabeth P,  Becky N,  Kerri K,  Teresa B,  Jon B,  Kristine B,  Alejandra V,  Michael & Diane H,  Anton Y,  Lisa S,  Eric & Beryl B,  Victoria M,  Joan K,  Tracy T,  Regina H,  Selena T,  Tammy K,  Debbie O, Eric J,  Brenda Z