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Support Waldo!

Waldo pictured with the Union Pacific Ties group, who has joined his Team in helping him earn Horse of The Year!

Waldo’s Team: Edye Godden, Jessica Hatch, Wyatt Nelson, and Union Pacific Ties

Waldo is a 19 year old Halflinger gelding owned by Valerie and Scott Wolf. Waldo truly is a “jack of all trades” because he is our Carriage Driving horse, is used in both Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding, as well as teaching our independent riders.

Check out HETRA’s Annual Appeal letter featuring Waldo!

Total Raised For Waldo: $2,522.62

(last updated 4/21/13)

Thank You for Supporting Team Waldo!

Eric C,  Brett V,  Lynne Q,  Andi R,  Dwight & Mary H,  Alena K,  Benjamin W,  Pamela R,  Todd R,  Stephanie C,  Bradley B,  Holly N,  Scott C,  Gnanasekar A,  Jesse K,  Karen J,  UP Ties,

Kendra K,   Ramsey H,  Geoffrey,  Jessicac H,  Helen H,  Joanne L,  Stacy Z,  Valerie W,  Ben S